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When I first saw an image appear in a darkroom under the light of an enlarger, I was hooked. Digital has changed the technology of photography, but not its magic.


As a businessperson, I want you to have the best possible product.


As a freelance photographer, I'm not satisfied until my client is.


As an artist, I seek connection with the divine source from which we all flow.


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The June Bisantz Quintet at the Poli Club http://harrisonjudd.zenfolio.com/blog/2017/11/the-june-bisantz-quintet-at-the-poli-club The June Bisantz Quintet at The Poli Club

The June Bisantz Quintet at The Poli Club - (click on image for full portfolio)

June Bisantz - voice

Alex Nakhimovsky - piano

Norman Johnson - guitar

Matt Dwonszyk - bass

Ed Fast - drums & percussion


I'm probably biased when it comes to The June Bisantz Quintet, but I admit my bias freely. This is a great band with truly extraordinary musicians. Every one of the players at The Poli Club in Waterbury the other night is a world class talent. Three of them, June, Norman and Alex just returned from their third tour together of Japan - with a stop in South Korea this time to open a new concert hall outside of Seoul.

The music played was a mix of Jazz standards like "Autumn Leaves" and "Summertime" and originals from an upcoming Bossa Nova album, "Love's Tango" which all five perform on, with music written by Alex Nakhimovsky and lyrics by June Bisantz. The transitions were seamless, making it at times difficult to remember which were the old standards and which the new originals. A downloadable single is available by clicking here.

It's impossible to say enough about these musicians - you're better off listening to their music.

Click on their names above for more info - and the photo above to see the rest of the images.

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