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Henry Thoreau


One camera

One lens

One exposure per day

One year


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Week 1

Week 2

Week 3

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Week 6

Week 7

EquipmentWood Field CameraJapanese made Tachihara Field Camera - ( Branded Zone VI Newfane, VT ) Schneider 210mm f5.6 lens - Pentax Spotmeter - Manfrotto Tripod - Bogen Head - Ilford FP4 Film rated at ASA 200 - Processed in HC-110 in an SP-445 Tank

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The Artists Collective http://harrisonjudd.zenfolio.com/blog/2018/3/the-artists-collective Photos from the performance click here

I first heard of The Artists Collective a few years ago while in Japan. The pianist Alex Nakhimovsky was touring with my wife, June Bisantz (voice) and Norman Johnson (guitar). I was along for the ride. About an hour outside of Tokyo we went to a beautiful jazz bar named The Cotton Club. In the back was a photo of Jackie McLean - a jazz legend. Alex wanted his photo taken in front of his portrait - he insisted in fact. He's not a guy who particularly likes his picture being taken - so I noticed.

Turns out Jackie founded The Artists Collective is a truly amazing institution doing much needed work reaching out to the youth of Hartford - inspiring them to value and embrace the arts and music - changing lives and enriching the community.

More about The Artists Collective: https://artistscollective.org/

Photos from the performance: http://harrisonjudd.zenfolio.com/theartistscollective

Alex was asked to perform, and he in turn asked some of his favorite (and most talented) musician friends to be a part of it. It was quite a night. Fun, beautiful energy from the band and the crowd, a wonderful space to be in with good food and drink - and world class jazz, the hallmark of The Artists Collective.

Hartford has created, and is still producing some of the best jazz artists in the world - and The Artists Collective is its beating heart.

I was honored to be able to meet Jackie's wife, Dollie McLean - and also his daughter Melonae. They are the soul of the Collective, raising the money for the vision, seeing to the day to day operations. Their kindness, enthusiasm and love for what they do shines through. 

The Artists Collective is a gem and a vital part of the community - both small and large.

It was a great night of jazz - enjoy the photos! (click the photo below to see them all)

Alex Nakhimovsky & FriendsThe Artist Collective - Hartford, CT

Alex Nakhimovsky - Piano

June Bisantz - Vocals

Avery Sharpe - Bass

Ed Fast - Drums / Percussion

Dan Liparini - Guitar

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A Mindful Room http://harrisonjudd.zenfolio.com/blog/2018/3/a-mindful-room The word "camera" means "room" in Italian. Originally, cameras were referred to as "Camera Obscura" or "Room Dark".

Cameras were first used by painters - literally as rooms. They would construct light tight sheds and would put a small hole in one side. This hole projected an image of the scene outside onto the opposite wall, which they could then trace for reference. A lens would focus the image and make it brighter, but was by no means necessary. A small hole is actually a type of lens and a camera, just a dark room.

The image that appears is upside down and backwards - because light travels in straight lines - and so as it enters the small hole or lens, it ends up flipped on the other end of the room, or camera.

Try it with an oatmeal box. Cut a small square hole in the middle of one side, cover the hole with a piece of foil and put a small pinhole in the foil. Take it outside and look through the top of the box, shielding your eyes from outside light. You will see an image on the inside of the box. (Putting a piece of bright white paper inside the box helps.)

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What is Mindful Photography? http://harrisonjudd.zenfolio.com/blog/2018/3/what-is-mindful-photography Mindful photography challenges us to pay full attention to what’s in front of us. A form of working or walking meditation, it can help us establish a more direct connection with ourselves. When we can simply and clearly encounter the present moment, it calms our endlessly arising torrent of thoughts.

Our moods, our expectations, what we are feeling in our body at any given moment, all deeply affect how we experience the world. A camera can be used as a tool to pierce through those projections and help us encounter our lives more directly.


What camera should I use?

While any image capture device can be used to practice mindful photography, there are certain qualities that will increase the chances of success.


While smartphones may be the most obvious choice, since they possess extraordinary technology and are with us most of the time - turning them off is a good place to start. It’s difficult to encounter the present with something beeping and vibrating - constantly calling for our attention.


Some suggestions:

  • Use an actual camera that allows manual override. Cameras also have a particular way of viewing the world, with automatic exposure being the worst offender.  

  • Use a fixed focal length lens - not a zoom lens. If you only have a zoom lens, choose a focal length and stick with it for at least a day at a time.

  • Consider an old film camera.

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Welcome http://harrisonjudd.zenfolio.com/blog/2017/11/welcome Dive InDive In

Dive in!


When I first saw an image appear in a darkroom under the light of an enlarger, I was hooked. Digital has changed the technology of photography, but not its magic.


As a businessperson, I want you to have the best possible product.


As a freelance photographer, I'm not satisfied until my client is.


As an artist, I seek connection with the divine source from which we all flow.


futureHistory, where commerce and creativity connect.



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The June Bisantz Quintet at the Poli Club http://harrisonjudd.zenfolio.com/blog/2017/11/the-june-bisantz-quintet-at-the-poli-club The June Bisantz Quintet at The Poli Club

The June Bisantz Quintet at The Poli Club - (click on image for full portfolio)

June Bisantz - voice

Alex Nakhimovsky - piano

Norman Johnson - guitar

Matt Dwonszyk - bass

Ed Fast - drums & percussion


I'm probably biased when it comes to The June Bisantz Quintet, but I admit my bias freely. This is a great band with truly extraordinary musicians. Every one of the players at The Poli Club in Waterbury the other night is a world class talent. Three of them, June, Norman and Alex just returned from their third tour together of Japan - with a stop in South Korea this time to open a new concert hall outside of Seoul.

The music played was a mix of Jazz standards like "Autumn Leaves" and "Summertime" and originals from an upcoming Bossa Nova album, "Love's Tango" which all five perform on, with music written by Alex Nakhimovsky and lyrics by June Bisantz. The transitions were seamless, making it at times difficult to remember which were the old standards and which the new originals. A downloadable single is available by clicking here.

It's impossible to say enough about these musicians - you're better off listening to their music.

Click on their names above for more info - and the photo above to see the rest of the images.

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