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"...every land should be the holy land. One should find the symbol in the landscape itself of the energies of life there."
Joseph Campbell - The Power of Myth

In a world where our attention is constantly being called somewhere else - this project is about mythologizing what is in front of me every day - where I live - my home, studio and yard.

One camera, lens and sheet of 4x5 film once a day for one year, all in one location. Each image is paired with a thought or quote, then posted to Instagram each day.
Thoughts are thingsThe soul of a homeTo see takes timePatienceString theoryWinter's endThe art of lifeAn excellent libraryPineapple princessPhotographic processThe world is a looking glassTarget practiceToolsFashionFormula for livingSpring snow stormThe telephoneEntwinedA series of inspired folliesThree kings