"If anyone is worth anything, let it appear in his behaviour, in his ordinary talk when loving or quarrelling, in his pastimes, in bed, at table, in the way he conducts his business and runs his house."
Michel de Montaigne


Artist Statement

Photography is an amazing tool - it can simultaneously be about:

Memory - historical, cultural, family and personal.
Noticing the present moment.
Looking at things more deeply.
Revealing secrets.
Being in the present.
Understanding ourselves and others.
Falling in love.
Connection to the world and to our lives.

Highly democratic and gratifyingly immediate, it has worldwide appeal. Some feel their soul is being taken. Powerful, omnipresent, it has shaped the modern culture as an art form.
Like any powerful tool, photography can also be used for manipulation & control.
How it’s used is up to each of us.

As an artist, I try to use photography like an Ariadne’s thread, a guide through life’s labyrinth, giving clues, transforming time, opening new perspectives.

- T. Harrison Judd