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"An important archive that documents and preserves the lost America of our industrial age. Each image is a lyrical and sensitive portrait, perceiving the extraordinary in the everyday. These pictures evoke the beauty and poetry of America's industrial past with an elegance and grace that honors what we have lost."
Maurice Sendak - Author & Illustrator

Exhibition statement
Our greatest resources still lie right here in front of us, and more importantly inside of us. We must once again demonstrate the stubborn, independent spirit that arrived with the Pilgrims, demanded liberty in the American Revolution and lives within us all today whenever we proudly call ourselves Yankees.
We are not born Yankees, we earn the title through self-reliance, hard work, resourcefulness, imagination, flexibility, perseverance and a deep abiding sense of humor.
The era of smokestacks and textile mills built our last formidable incarnation. They are now the ashes from which we must rise.
T. Harrison Judd
Windham, Conn.

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Exhibition curated by June Bisantz
Catalog coverBottom, including top of base structureTop portion, showing brick patterningDetail, bottomSunset view looking east at the smokestackAmerican Thread Mills smokestackOverview or under viewDetail, central portionView from the interior, with a glimpse of the smokestackAmerican Thread Mills Bldg. No. 2 and its smokestackTown HallThe smokestack and its environsSmokestack dreamsLooking northeast across the river from Pleasant St.Central portionVictorian home detail