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A sense of place has always been fundamental to my photography. Where I am now - and now - and now. Much of the time we are unaware of our external surroundings, being instead consumed by internal and more pressing concerns. The portable cocoon we carry around with us has made the problem more acute. Cars, cell phones, internet connections are all useful tools, but they threaten to sever our ties to our localities. When documenting a new place my style of photography is a combination of research and intuition. Reading everything I can, I look at a map and try to understand as much as I can, and then upon arrival, walk around, day after day - occasionally catching public transit if in a city - walk around some more and try, as much as possible, to be in the moment and see what is in front of me. Really I try to let the place reveal itself, so patience, attention and tenacity are critical elements of my photography. The signs encountered along the way serendipitously offer messages that put me in the present, connect me to the past and guide me towards the future. They become defining landmarks in the landscape of where I’ve been and want to go. I’ve been taking pictures since I was 12, and there is nothing I love better than to explore, discover and document a new place, paying close attention to the signs along the way.
Attention, Paris - 2011Fasten Seat BeltNomad Worker PlanAgeCoffee HeavenDrug StoreHappy Family LifeMt Fuji that wayNo Buy No SmokeNo Moon No StarsOpen lateParm Salon Cut HouseRoach MotelStackedTo the leftAllarme AutomaticoContest RepressionFashion ApparelFire armsForced